Wall Effects







illustrated ed


april 2007


28 x 24 cm

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192 pagina's


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Katie Ebben


Octopus Pub Group




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280 mm


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Wall Effects is an inspiring and informative guide to the decorative techniques, offering ideas on how to revitalize your old walls, create an eye-catching or simple background, or merely add a touch of visual interest to your room. Walls define a room and mark out separate zones within a home. In addition, they are also blank canvases that can define or enhance room design, and we are now beginning to pay them due attention and consideration. Alongside, this is a revival of decorating techniques and styles that, until recently, were thought of as old-fashioned and fussy – paint techniques such as sponging, colour washing, textured cork tiles, and, at the forefront, wallpaper. Wall Effects will show you how to use these techniques with confidence and style and in a contemporary manner. Divided into the four main themes of decorating – pattern, texture, colour and style – this book explains techniques used to create these effects, as well as how to combine effects to create a more distinctive look. Katie Ebben describes how a bold single image can be treated almost as a piece of art, as well as how to use plaster, sand and crackle finishes to achieve a subtle, textural interest. The chapter on colour covers the resurgence of traditional colour schemes as well as the more modern bold and minimalist approaches. Styles such as new romanticism, modern rustic or retro are another popular approach to interior design, and Katie shows you how to extend them to your walls. Innovative, yet very simple projects illustrate the techniques in each chapter, while the Techniques section provides all the background information you will need to execute your own projects with confidence. From varnishes to pigments, flock wallpaper to colour washing, Wall Effects will give your walls the courage to stand out and be noticed.