The Shaman’s Book of Living and Dying






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14 mei 2021

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Alberto Villoldo

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Anne O'Neill


Red Wheel/Weiser


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229 mm

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Religie, Spiritualiteit & Filosofie Gezin & Relaties Spiritualiteit Rouwverwerking Aard-energieen Mystiek, magie & Occultisme Shamanisme & Paganisme Boeken

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“Profound age-old wisdom in twelve stories of profound transformation and growth.”

—Joe Dispenza, bestselling author of Breaking the Habit of Yourself

The Wisdom, Power, and Beauty of Shamanic Energy Medicine

One of the pioneers in energy healing and shamanism recounts twelve miraculous stories in which, through the use of shamanic energetic techniques, people experience extraordinary physical and emotional healings. Meet a dancer who could barely walk until a series of sessions with Alberto Villoldo, a businesswoman who is freed from headaches and discovers the benefits of an integrated interior life, and a young woman who confronts her past and recovers from crippling depression. Each of these stories is rooted in Villoldo’s experience as a healer, mental health professional, and devotee of Indigenous wisdom and lore from around the world.

Ultimately, Villoldo demonstrates how a shaman assists us in discovering our own capacity for self-healing. He introduces us to physical, mental, and spiritual disease and presents techniques that can heal us, make us whole, and make us new. Having devoted 25 years of study to the healing practices of the Amazon and Andean shamans, Villoldo is teaching people how to actually grow new bodies.

By learning ancient shaman wisdom from Alberto Villoldo, you can heal disease, eliminate emotional suffering, and even grow a new body that ages and heals differently. The stories in this book are amazing and inspiring.

This title was previously published in 2015 as A Shaman’s Miraculous Tools for Healing (ISBN 978157174372)

The Shaman’s Book of Living and Dying
The Shaman’s Book of Living and Dying