The Connors Chronicles – Dragon’s Revenge, The Connors Chronicles






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09 december 2016

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C. G. Peltier


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Dear young foe:
I have had the pleasure of spending some quality time with your darling, twin sister this morning, although, for a Connors, she really didn’t have much to say for herself.
It appears that you two had been very busy overnight. I wish to thank you for clearing out those three prisons for me. It had been something that I had wanted to do for a while, but haven’t found the time. I would have done it in a very different way though. To me, the prisons and those prisoners were nothing more than mere distractions. Since I removed the Death Alarm Spell, those prisons will no longer be needed anyway. I have instructed my men and they will be working on a more permanent solution to the disloyal wizard problem in the very near future.
Charlie glanced again at his sister and then continued reading.
I regret to inform you that your dear sister has come in contact with a deadly substance and has become deathly ill. In two days, your darling sister will be getting very sick. With each day that passes, she will be getting much sicker. On the fourth day, she will be wishing for death and on the fifth day, her wish will most likely come true.
It would be a waste your time trying to figure out what illness she has. It is truly rare and difficult to obtain.
It’s a pity that such an illness should happen to your dear sister at such an early age. Having a twin sister of my own, I do know how you must feel at this very moment. I’m sure that this will be a sad time for you and your little band of criminals. I would suggest that you and your friends enjoy these last days with her.
But, there is a bright spot to this illness. I’m happy to say that there is a cure to this very rare and deadly illness. I’m pleased to say that I have this antidote in my possession and it could be obtained from me.
You, young wizard hold your twin sister’s life in your hands and you have a decision to make. You could save her life with this antidote or you could hold her hand while you watch her die in agonizing pain. The choice is entirely up to you.
If you would like to get your hands on this cure, I extend a cordial invitation to you. You are invited to meet with me on the fourth day, on the New Castle Sports Field on the Fair Grounds. I will make sure that we are not disturbed and I will be there from eleven to twelve o’clock.”
The antidote will be in a small bottle in the center of the field. I will place it on a pedestal and it will be free for your taking. Of course, I wouldn’t be a good host, if I weren’t present to personally greet you.
Just to let you know, once you enter the field, you will not be able to disappear as you did on our last meeting or summon the cure . If you would like, you may use all of the magic that you have at your disposal, but you must come alone. If I detect others or you choose not to come, at twelve o’clock I will immediately destroy the cure and you will have missed your chance to save her life.
The choice is yours to make.
I look forward to seeing you. You have a nice day.
Drake Aldric
Emperor of Freedonia

The Connors Chronicles – Dragon’s Revenge, The Connors Chronicles
The Connors Chronicles – Dragon’s Revenge, The Connors Chronicles