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Summary of Andrea Dworkin’s Pornography






mei 2022

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Please note: This is a companion version & not the original book. Sample Book Insights: #1 The first tenet of male-supremacist ideology is that men have a self that exists separate from women, and that women must by definition lack a self. The male self is not just subjectively felt but protected by laws and customs. #2 The second tenet of male supremacy is that men are physically stronger than women, and as a result, have dominion over them. The physical strength of men is not as important as the ideology that sacralizes and celebrates it. #3 Power is the capacity to terrorize, to use self and strength to inculcate fear, fear in a whole class of persons. The acts of terror run the gamut from rape to battery to sexual abuse of children to war to murder to maiming to torture to enslaving. #4 Men have the power of naming, which is a great and sublime power. Men define the parameters of every subject. All feminist arguments are against assertions or premises inherent in the male system, which is made credible or authentic by the power of men to name.

Summary of Andrea Dworkin’s Pornography
Summary of Andrea Dworkin’s Pornography