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Robots, Industrial in South Korea






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29 september 2018

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The Robots, Industrial South Korea eBook provides 14 years Historic and Forecast data on the market for each of the 38 Products and Markets covered. The Products and Markets covered (Robots, industrial) are classified by the Major Products and then further defined and analysed by each subsidiary Product or Market Sector. In addition full Financial Data (188 items: Historic and Forecast Balance Sheet, Financial Margins and Ratios) Data is provided, as well as Industry Data (59 items) for South Korea.


  1. Robots, industrial
  2. Manipulators, robotic
  3. Micropositioners, robotic
  4. Placement equipment, programmed, mechanical handling, robotic
  5. Positioning equipment, electronic, materials handling, robotic
  6. Robots for textile product handling
  7. Robots for the nuclear industry
  8. Robots, anthropomorphous
  9. Robots, assembly line
  10. Robots, car body polishing
  11. Robots, enamelling
  12. Robots, feeding & stacking
  13. Robots, grit-blasting
  14. Robots, handling, for plastics processing
  15. Robots, industrial, adhesive & sealant application
  16. Robots, industrial, arc welding
  17. Robots, industrial, clean room
  18. Robots, industrial, electronic
  19. Robots, industrial, for education & training
  20. Robots, industrial, hydraulic
  21. Robots, industrial, laser cutting
  22. Robots, industrial, linear
  23. Robots, industrial, movement simulators
  24. Robots, industrial, packaging
  25. Robots, industrial, pneumatic
  26. Robots, industrial, portal
  27. Robots, industrial, portal, for viscous & liquid products
  28. Robots, industrial, resistance, spot welding
  29. Robots, industrial, spray finishing
  30. Robots, industrial, welding
  31. Robots, painting, lacquering or varnishing
  32. Robots, palletising and/or order picking
  33. Robots, remote controlled, for underwater maintenance applications
  34. Robots, sewer inspection & maintenance
  35. Robots, software selection & application
  36. Robots, vehicular, for bomb disposal & fire-fighting
  37. Robots, vehicular, sub-sea or land, radioactive waste removal
  38. Robots, industrial, NSK

There are 188 Financial items covered, including:
Total Sales, Pre-tax Profit, Interest Paid, Non-trading Income, Operating Profit, Depreciation, Trading Profit, Intangible Assets, Intermediate Assets, Fixed Assets (Structures, P + E, Misc.), Capital Expenditure (Structures, P + E, Vehicles, IT, Misc.), Retirements (Structures, P + E, Misc.), Total Fixed Assets, Stocks (Finished Product, Work in Progress, Materials), Total Stocks / Inventory, Debtors, Total Maintenance Costs, Services Purchased, Misc. Current Assets, Total Current Assets, Total Assets, Creditors, Short Term Loans, Misc. Current Liabilities, Total Current Liabilities, Net Assets / Capital Employed, Shareholders Funds, Long Term Loans, Misc. Long Term Liabilities, Workers, Hours Worked, Total Employees, Costs (Raw Materials, Finished Materials, Fuel, Electricity), Total Input Supplies / Materials + Energy Costs, Payroll, Wages, Director Remunerations, Employee Benefits, Commissions, Total Employees Remunerations, Sub Contractors, Rental & Leasing (Structures, P + E), Total Rental & Leasing Costs, Maintenance (Structures, P + E), Communications Costs, Misc. Expenses, Sales Personnel Costs, Sales Expenses, Sales Materials, Total Sales Costs, Distribution (Fixed + Variable Costs), Premises (Fixed + Variable Costs), Physical Handling (Fixed + Variable Costs), Physical Process (Fixed + Variable Costs), Total Distribution Costs, Correspondence Costs, Advertising (Media, Materials, POS & Display Costs, Events Costs), Total Advertising Costs, Product (Handling, Support, Service Costs), Customer Costs, Total After-Sales Costs, Total Marketing Costs, New Technology + New Production Technology Expenditure, Research + Development Expenditure, Operational & Process Costs, Debtors + Debts.
/.. etc.

Robots, Industrial in South Korea
Robots, Industrial in South Korea