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Real Estate is Back! Making Property Investment Great Again!






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21 november 2016

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Robert Kashem


Logical Metaphysics Inc.

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The author was not born into wealth, did not attend an Ivy League college, or show a natural flair for economics or high finance. But that did not stop him from reading how others succeeded, trying many techniques himself, and collecting this knowledge for his use and to pass on to his children. He experienced several life-threatening events (from fighter jet near-misses to cancer) which drove home his need to acquire the means to support his family even if he was no longer around to do so himself, and to pass on this knowledge as life skills to his daughters (one of whom is now 24 year old and owns 7 homes, all making her money, by using the knowledge in this book).

“Real Estate is Back!” is a collection of real-word techniques, methods, and guidelines collected over the years, and applied to actual commercial real estate opportunities that have successfully taken the author from being an hourly employee drowning in personal debt to a debt-free, self-employed commercial real estate investor worth the high 7 figures (and growing monthly). He didn’t take any university courses, or get personally mentored by a real estate guru. He read books, tried approaches, lost and made money, and distilled down the truths he discovered into this compact, literally priceless collection of hard-won techniques to always come away from a real estate deal as a winner.

These tips, rules, and guidelines are not theoretical, academic, or pie-in-the-sky. They have been gleaned from the author’s successes (and failures), and do not depend on specific economic conditions, interest rates, gut feelings, or political climate. They work day-in and day-out, and will turn debt into profit, profit into wealth, and wealth into an ever-growing legacy for yourself and your family. And in Trump’s America, they will allow you to reach higher and faster than ever before. You have a chance to personally make property investing great again!

Real Estate is Back! Making Property Investment Great Again!
Real Estate is Back! Making Property Investment Great Again!