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When I was younger I didn’t know my value. I thought that when boys liked me more, I would have more value. Or rather: I thought that my value was directly connected to how sexually attractive I was for other people (especially boys). Right now I am 22 years old and I have a boyfriend for a while and I’ve been researching feminist topics for a few years. But I feel like I’m still a victim of the ‘male gaze’. And it’s not only me. A lot of friends that I’m talking to say that they feel the same. Sometimes I noticed that I’m able to change my whole body language in just a second because I’m walking past a group of boys. I seem like I still want approval from that group. Why? My appearance is not just for their pleasure. In my opinion ’the male gaze’ is destroying girl’s development in many ways. But is everyone experiencing it this way? To take a closer look at this I started a research with a lot of books but also in real life with teenage girls. I talked with them about their issues, thoughts and experiences. For now, the end result is this book, which I am very proud of! But in the future I hope to go much deeper into this research. So let’s say, this is only the beginning!



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