New Age Healing for Modern Life 3 – Third Eye Awakening in 5 Easy Steps






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16 september 2014

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Marion Jaide


Marion Jaide

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Learn how to unlock the Psychic Power in your Third Eye in just 5 Steps.

Third Eye Activation is the ultimate goal for those who seek to unlock their psychic abilities. Activating your third eye chakra can help grant you extrasensory perceptions such as:

* Astral projection and control of your astral body
* Clairvoyance to see beyond the physical plane and even experience lucid dreams
* Channeling to communicate with higher frequency energies

˃˃˃ This book will teach you the 5 steps to open your Third Eye and supercharge your psychic development!

Using proven techniques you will learn how to open your third eye in 5 easy steps. You will learn the 5 techniques you can apply in your life today to start awakening your third eye.

Here is just a sample of what you will get in this book:

* Learn the Psychic diet and third eye foods necessary to activate the pineal gland
* Discover the most effective physical exercises and yoga needed for psychic power
* Access 3 meditation sequences for powerful internal healing
* Answer the age old question: how to know when your third eye is open!

˃˃˃ You must read this book if you want to heal your chakra system.

The third eye chakra is the sixth energy pool in the chakra system and must also be properly balanced if you are to spiritually heal. As well as opening your psychic energy, an open third eye will help you become a great leader, give you access to intuition on tap, hugely increase your creativity and supercharge your brain power.

How long are you willing to wait on your psychic energy? With Third Eye Awakening in 5 Easy Steps you can apply the techniques today and speed up your psychic development.

Grab your copy today.

New Age Healing for Modern Life 3 – Third Eye Awakening in 5 Easy Steps
New Age Healing for Modern Life 3 – Third Eye Awakening in 5 Easy Steps