Maitland’s Peripheral Manipulation






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27 augustus 2013

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Elly Hengeveld, Msc, Bpt, Omt, Svomp

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Kevin Banks, Ba, Mcsp, Srp



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The legacy of Geoff Maitland and his seminal work, Peripheral Manipulation, continues in this fifth edition, with Elly Hengeveld and Kevin Banks leading an international team of experts who demonstrate how to manage peripheral neuromusculoskeletal disorders using the principles and practice of the Maitland Concept. Together, they ensure the heart of the Concept beats on by promoting collaborative decision-making with the patient at centre and emphasizing the art and science of observation, listening, palpation and movement skills.

A key feature of the new edition focuses on a more evidence-based and analytical view of the role of mobilization and manipulation in clinical practice. The authors have written in a way that reflects their application of the Maitland Concept and how they have integrated techniques in the light of advancement in professional knowledge. Each chapter stands alone as a ‘master class’.

The text is systematically arranged focusing on detailed assessment, clinical reasoning and re-assessment to determine the physical dysfunction and efficacy of manipulative physiotherapy techniques, while also advocating continuous communication and interaction. Techniques of passive mobilization are also described, specifically designed around the individual patient’s condition.

All the chapters are written from a clinical perspective and review the evidence which informs how to deal with and manage peripheral joint pain as they present to the practitioner. Furthermore, each peripheral region (craniomandibular, upper limbs and lower limbs) is considered from the point of view of best practice in analysing and hypothesising subjective data, examination, treatment and management of peripheral pain conditions.

Brand new to the fifth edition is the addition of a companion website – Maitland’s Manipulation eResources ( – providing access to a range of valuable learning materials which include videos, MCQs, interactive case studies, research links, and bonus chapters.

  • World-leading experts provide evidence relating the Maitland Concept to clinical practice

  • Evidence supporting practice

  • Covers both subjective and physical examination

  • Best practice management using mobilization and manipulation

  • Case studies – how and when to integrate the Maitland Concept into clinical practice

  • Chapter-based learning outcomes, keywords and glossaries

  • Companion website – Maitland’s Manipulation eResources (

  • Expert perspectives and supporting evidence

  • Case studies

  • Companion website – – containing:

  • Video Bank of over 480 video clips showing examination and treatment techniques

    Image Bank of over 1,000 illustrations

    Interactive case studies

    Over 200 MCQs

    Bonus chapters on additional principles and techniques of examination / treatment

    Weblink references to abstracts

Maitland’s Peripheral Manipulation
Maitland’s Peripheral Manipulation