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Lucy’s Magic Cafe The Magic Stone

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19 juli 2022

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Adobe ePub


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Lucy was left stranded after she lost her pendant, without it she could not teleport back to the human realm. Distressed and without nowhere to go, Lucy received an offer that came to her to stay for a while in the Silvernight clan house. Lucy met Clover there, a cheerful young Faeln who worked as a maid in the Silvernight clan house. Lucy felt lucky that she found a companion in a new place after Theodora left her all alone to catch the culprit who took Lucy’s pendant. Yet, it was not all waiting and relaxing, because Lucy became impatient and wanted to find her pendant on her own. Unfortunately, Lucy’s reckless act brought her into trouble, not only for her but for Clover also. Trapped in a rogue lair and worried about Clover’s safety had made Lucy awaken the dark force inside of her, she thought that she had buried it inside a long time ago. Unavoidable chaos was waiting for her, but her path was not always a dead end. Her path revealed to her the secret of what was inside her pendant, the magic stone. What awaited Lucy in her new adventure?

Lucy’s Magic Cafe The Magic Stone
Lucy’s Magic Cafe The Magic Stone