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Build Your Signature Wardrobe






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07 december 2015

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Alexandria Blaelock


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Had you been alive in 1935, you would have spent a fixed proportion of your annual income on a nine piece wardrobe consisting of two day dresses, an afternoon dress, evening dress, suit, coat and ski-suit or overcoat. But if you followed one magazine’s fashion advice you would have paid $216,000 for 240 items of clothing, 72 pairs of shoes plus accessories and hosiery in 2007.

Drawing on purchasing advice and statistics from the early twentieth-century, including the Great Depression and two World Wars, Build Your Signature Wardrobe explains how to shop strategically with a three to five-year wardrobe plan. It describes how to develop a signature look, choose good quality clothes that fit properly and take care of them so they last.

Buy now and start building your wardrobe today.

This Book Is For You If You Have Ever Wondered:

– How to build a wardrobe for the long-term, not just a season

– Where some of your clothing assumptions came from (e.g. one to wear and one in the wash)

– Why you wear the clothes you do

– Where bathing suits came from

– How many clothes your grandmother or great-grandmother owned when she was your age

– Why some colours never seem to work for you

– Why your clothes don’t fit properly

– Why wardrobe capsule advice conflicts (hint: there are three types of them)

– Why you should review your wardrobe regularly

– How to identify quality clothing on the rack and in the fitting room

– Why you continue to wear black when your soul cries out for some other colour

– Why you should wash new clothes before wearing them or why they aren’t as nice when you do

You Will Discover

– How to set your budget: how much is a reasonable amount to spend and how to not waste it on clothes you don’t love and won’t wear. Plus, how to split your budget among family members, whether you need to economise and where the wisest areas to economise are.

– What clothes are appropriate for you: the relevant and practical clothes for the life you lead right now (your Cinderella clothes) and what is not (Princess clothes) regardless of your age, size, location and occupation(s).

– What your style is: not in the superficial sense of elegant or fashionable, but how to confidently and consistently present your authentic self to the world in a unique way that makes you happy while meeting the expectations of others.

– Which clothes you need: how to decide which clothes and accessories (and how many) you need for the next three to five years, as well as how to put together the most practical and affordable wardrobe possible.

All so that you can confidently build your signature wardrobe.

Buy now and start building your wardrobe today.

Build Your Signature Wardrobe
Build Your Signature Wardrobe