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Bio Nova


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The original PK 13-14 Stimulator Food grade minerals – Concentration 1:1500 – NPK 0-13-14 Thicker flowers Bionova’s PK 13-14 is the perfect composition as a main flowering stimulator. Phosphor develops a healthy and extensive root system and an exuberant flowering. Potassium prompts the flowering potency in the plant. The combination of these two components in a food grade mineral form is the original Bionova’s superbloomer. Plants directly absorb all food grade minerals which gives you optimal control of your plants. Bionova is the inventor of the original composition: PK 13-14. What is BioNova PK 13-14? PK 13-14 is the perfect balanced combination of Phosphor and Potassium. Phospor activates blooming inside any treated plant and Potassium prompts flowering and creates an exuberant flowering. It is sourced with food-grade minerals, which is one of the purest forms of minerals. Containing barely any ballast salts and heavy metals. This way the PK 13-14 is also directly absorbable by the root system, and no heavy metals will remain in the end product. PK 13-14 should always be used in combination with one of the following Main Fertilizers: Soil Supermix, Hydro Supermix, Aero Supermix, Autoflower Supermix or Longflower Supermix. Tips from Bionova growers ✔ Use 1 to 2 ml PK 13-14 in 10 liters of water in the second week of the growing stage to promote a faster roots development. ✔ When deficiencies phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) occur, the plant. Mainly these conditions of immobilization and deprivation of elements for the cultivation are due to poor substrates and abnormal pH values of the nutrient solution. To cure deficient plants you can apply a solution of PK 13-14 with dilution rate of 2.5-5 ml in 10 liters of water by irrigation or foliar spray. How to use Bionova PK 13-14? Bionova PK 13-14 should be applied from the first week of flowering until the final week of flowering. Bionova PK 13-14 is mixable with all Bionova fertilizers, stimulators, minerals, universals & substrates. Bionova PK 13-14 can be used as irrigation and as foliar spray. Available in units * 250 ml * 1 liter * 5 liter * 20 liter * 200 liter * 1000 liter on request Technical specifications Application in irrigationFrom start flowering until a week before harvest: 2-6ml per 10 liter of water.Application as foliar2,5-5 ml per liter See the feeding charts () Cultivation Application

Bionova PK 13-14
Bionova PK 13-14