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8 Ways to Be 10 X Better

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Oorspronkelijke releasedatum

17 mei 2013

Aantal paginas



Met illustraties


Rashid H Hill


Outskirts Press

Extra groot lettertype



174 g

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127 mm

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9 mm

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203 mm




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Ever felt like your life is stuck in 1st gear yet, your mind is continuing to speed up the creativity highway? We are created to be achievers. What if you could really experience unlimited power? Do you believe we are created to be exceptional? “This book, “8 Ways To Be 10 X Better” compels us to associate on a higher track, to take ownership of our destiny and ascend to employ our gift of efficacy. The blueprint of our lives has been drawn yet we have the innate ability to be elevated and create a new map of our world. What we believe is what we achieve. What we achieve is what we design. Find the higher purpose that we have been charged with and connect to the greatest exploration beyond our being; doing what’s achievable yet, unbelievable. What else is there besides this life — a higher purpose? Is it possible that we know what to do yet, why do we hesitate? Are we capable of designing our future success by choice instead of force? We have the criteria to evolve to genius level right now. We can create majestic moments to cherish on this journey. So, do we chase the fleeing dust of this life while our true self yearns to converse, comprehend and connect to infinite love we call the Divine? This choice is and will always be…yours.” In this book, “8 Ways To Be 10 X Better” we encounter the sometimes hidden concepts that can make the major difference in a person’s motivation. This book will grab you from the start and increase your commitment to nonstop momentum to your best life. The critical component of empowerment and high performance are clearly articulated and displayed in the pages of this book. A key attention-grabber is that you really get maximum understanding of the title by the smartly laid out 8 Ways via the chapters 1 through 8. It takes you from “Breakthrough” like a blast from a cannon and prepares you for other levels of clear inspiration in the chapters of “Inspire” and “Mastery.” You will welcome the break after Mastery and then instantly get e

8 Ways to Be 10 X Better
8 Ways to Be 10 X Better