LEGO Star Wars BB-8 Minifigure Link Horloge | 0812768020929

Harness the powers of the force with the LEGO Star Wars BB-8 minifigure link watch! BB-8 may be small, but that won’t stop the loyal Astromech Droid from making a big impression. BB-8 belonged to Poe Dameron, a lead pilot for the Rebel Alliance. BB-8 would accompany Poe during his flights on the X-wing fighter. After accompanying his master on many missions for the Resistance, BB-8 became stranded alone on Jakku unsure of the fate of Dameron and forced to fend for himself. It was during this time BB-8 met Rey, a scavenger, who became his closest friend. BB-8 was childlike and precocious while also extremely loyal and his behaviour often left Dameron wondering if the droid daydreamed. Featuring multi-coloured, interchangeable links, this analogue watch offers plenty of design possibilities to build a unique watch that fits most wrist sizes. With your favourite LEGO Star Wars character integrated into your watch strap, you will always be on time for JEDI training.


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